Hyundai OIL CHANGEs IN Reno

The Importance Of Checking And Changing The Oil in Your Hyundai

Hyundai vehicles are known for many things: their classic looks, a wide array of customization options, and unbeatable performance on the road. We know that our customers want to make sure that their Hyundai vehicles last as long as possible, which is why we stress the importance of regular oil changes and routine maintenance. You have questions about changing the oil on your car, truck or SUV and we have answers.

Q: Why Do I Need To Change The Oil In My Car or SUV?

A: Motor oil lubricates all the moving parts in the engine. This prevents any friction that would happen if motor oil wasn't in your car. Without motor oil, engine parts would grind against each other and cause wear and tear on the components. The longer you go without an oil change, the thicker the oil gets. This is because the oil collects contaminants, metal fragments and grime as it goes through the engine block. 

If you allow your oil to get sludgy, buildup will occur around crankshafts, valves and pistons. The longer this persists, the more likely you are to experience damage that may require expensive engine repairs. In some cases, engine parts will no longer usable and you will need to be replace them completely. 

Expensive engine repairs can be avoided by changing the oil in your Hyundai regularly. When you get new oil, it is contaminant-free and improves the performance of your Hyundai vehicle. It also extends the life of your engine, increases your MPG and decreases the harmful emissions from your car. 

Take advantage of our Lifetime Oil Change and Filter program and make it easier to maintain the condition of your Hyundai for years to come.


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Q: When Do I Need An Oil Change in my Hyundai Vehicles?

A: We're glad you asked. We recommend you change the oil in your Hyundai every 5000 miles, using the recommended oil.. While newer Hyundai models can go longer between oil changes, older models will need to be serviced more often. It's best to reference your owner's manual for the right oil change interval for your car or SUV.

You can take a look at the dipstick in your Hyundai engine to see if you need to top off your oil. We recommend you do this at least once a month to make sure your car or truck has sufficient oil levels.  Lithia Hyundai Of Reno offers complimentary fluid top offs for your Hyundai, as well as tire pressure checks - simply swing by and pull into our service bay today! 

Q: How Much Does An Oil Change Cost in Reno?

A: We frequently run specials for discounted oil change services at Lithia Hyundai Of Reno. If you don't see an oil change special listed on our site, you can call us at 775-636-7187 for our latest oil change pricing.

Q: What Does An Oil Change Include?

A: A typical oil change at Lithia Hyundai Of Reno includes: 
  • Removal of motor oil. We replace it with synthetic oil that is best for your Hyundai engine.   
  • Oil filter removed and replaced. This is an OEM Hyundai Certified oil filter so you are guaranteed a fantastic seal and high quality.  
  • An eco-friendly oil change - we recycle the oil and oil filter.  
  • Service Interval Indicator reset. This is so you don't get a notification light telling you to change the oil after it's been done recently.  
  • Multi-Point inspection. We don't want to give you back a vehicle that might need some additional service. We check the brakes, power steering, tires and much more with our Multi-Point inspection. This gives you confidence when you take your vehicle home.  

Have more questions about changing the oil on your Hyundai? We're here to help! Contact us at 775-636-7187 and our Hyundai Certified mechanics will be happy to help. We hope to see you soon at Lithia Hyundai Of Reno! 

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