How to Negotiate Used Car Prices

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When you’re shopping around Sparks for a pre-owned vehicle, chances are you want the best deal possible. Whether you have a strict budget you have to follow or you want to secure the keys to a car you love at a price tag that you love even more, there are some tips that you should use. Let our knowledgeable and experienced finance team at Lithia Hyundai of Reno show you how to negotiate used car prices below! Once we have shown you the ropes, get the car at the price you want in our dealership. 


1. Research How Much the Car is Worth

Before you even set inside a local dealership, the first rule on how to negotiate a used car strategically is to do your homework beforehand and figure out the worth of the model you’re interested in. Use trusted websites like, Edmunds, and Kelley Blue Book for the true market value, so you have a starting guideline to know if an offer is too high or just about right. 

While knowing the market value is important, you should also keep in mind that factors like mileage, condition, features, and packages can affect the car’s value. Plus, you should also consider how the cost to own this particular model will fit into your budget. Ideally, you’ll want an offer that is reasonable compared to the market value as well as your own!

2. Ask for a Lower Price 

If you’re unhappy with the offer, it’s always worth a try to ask for a lower price. While this may be daunting for some of us, this is a proven strategery on how to get the best price at a dealership. Worst-case scenario, the salesperson turns you down. However, if you did your homework beforehand and know how much other drivers in the area are paying for the same model, the salesperson may be more open to negotiating a lower price. While the lower the price the better the deal it is, be reasonable and stick with the numbers. If the salesperson isn’t open to considering another offer amount, consider shopping around the area, so you can compare the different offers. 

3. Browse Our Used Vehicle Specials 

Another tip on how to get the best price at a dealership is to discover all models in the inventory. At Lithia Hyundai of Reno, we have rotating pre-owned specials that you can enjoy. Plus, we also have an overstock inventory as well as one with models priced under $10K! No matter your budget, the options in our Reno dealership are plenty, so feel free to browse through or contact us if you need help looking for something specific. 

More Tips on How to Negotiate a Used Car 

With our top three holy grail approaches on how to negotiate used car prices in Fernley, you’re off to a strong start to your successful pre-owned car shopping journey! However, here are a few more tips to keep in mind to help make the process go more smoothly: 

  • Stick with the facts while keeping the conversation light. Especially if you feel nervous or you are more introverted, focusing on the facts will help you negotiate confidently.
  • If a salesperson makes you feel uncomfortable or tries to force you into a deal, remember that you can still walk away. Oftentimes, an underrated tip on how to negotiate a used car is to go on to another dealer or private seller if the current one refuses to hear you out or refuses to use any reason. 
  • Walk into a negotiation when you’re ready. Feel free to take your time to do your research and do whatever helps you feel prepared whether that is writing down the price you’re offering or having your printouts handy. 

Find Competitively Priced Used Cars at Lithia Hyundai of Reno 

After learning the top tips on how to get the best price at a dealership, it’s time to apply your new knowledge in Lithia Hyundai of Reno! Start exploring our vast inventory, do your research at your own pace, and come by when you’re ready to secure your favorite model at the price you have in mind. Contact us to schedule an appointment once you’re all set to go!

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