How to Sell a Car in Nevada

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If you live around Reno but don’t know how to sell a car in Nevada, don’t worry. It’s not that complicated, and Lithia Hyundai of Reno is happy to help! Below are the steps required when selling a car in Nevada. Remember, the vehicle title is a legal document, so only legal names should be used. Make sure your handwriting is legible and use black or blue ink. Mistakes or using White-Out might void the document, so take your time. If you have any questions about selling a car in Nevada, feel free to reach out to our finance specialists at Lithia Hyundai of Reno.

Selling a Car in Nevada to a Private Party

These are the steps to follow if selling your car in Nevada to a private party around Sparks:

  1. Clean your car.
  2. Find your title.
  3. List your car for sale.
  4. Screen prospective buyers.
  5. Be prepared to allow buyers to drive your car and have it inspected by a third party.
  6. Organize and gather all vehicle documentation, like service records.
  7. Complete the Bill of Sale.
  8. Transfer the title.

Selling Your Car in Nevada to a Dealership

If you decide on selling your car in Nevada to a dealership instead of a private party, you will likely receive less money. Still, they also handle all the paperwork for you, and it’s much easier and faster. Just follow these steps if you’re selling your car in Nevada to a dealership: 

  1. Clean your car inside and out.
  2. Find your car’s title.
  3. Write down all of the benefits of your car.
  4. Choose your dealership arefully.
  5. Research your car’s trade-in value.
  6. Schedule an appointment.
  7. Ask for the used car manager.
  8. Receive and consider the offer.
  9. Choose your new Hyundai! If you don’t want to trade in a car, that’s ok, too. You can simply sell us your car and receive an instant offer

Selling Your Car to a Dealership Provides These Benefits

Selling your vehicle to a car dealership instead of a private party has many benefits, such as: 

  • Save on Taxes: When you trade in your old vehicle to buy another one from a Fernley dealership like Lithia Hyundai of Reno, you’ll only pay sales tax on the difference between your trade-in value and the price of your new Hyundai. 
  • Lower Your Monthly Payment on Your New Car: Trading in your current car allows you to apply that money towards a new car, which will keep your payments lower. 
  • Save Time and Avoid Annoyances: There’s no need to list your car online, screen prospective buyers, and allow strangers to test drive your car. 

Sell Your Car to Lithia Hyundai of Reno Today

Now that you know how to sell a car in Nevada, are you ready to start? If so, contact our finance team near Carson City, browse our new Hyundai specials, and apply for financing online. We’re here to help you get into the car of your dreams at a price you can afford, so reach out to us today!

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